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Being arrested for the offense of DUI is something you never thought could happen to you. It certainly changes your life by creating legal and financial problems. It can revoke your driving privileges. The Schaumburg police patrol the streets diligently to keep it safe.

When you are arrested for a DUI in Schaumburg the police officer must have probable cause to stop your car. This is usually done by way of a traffic stop. If the officer suspects a DUI, he would have you perform sobriety tests. The officer may ask for a portable breath test. Upon arrest your vehicle may be forfeited and towed.

If you are arrested in Schaumburg for a DUI, your case will be heard in Rolling Meadows Court. You may have misdemeanor or felony charges depending on the severity of the case and any other DUI history. You will be given a choice of either a bench or jury trial.

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We can help you get your driving privileges restored, whether you lost your license for DUI, Unpaid tickets, Accident, or other reasons.

Throughout their career, Marder and Seidler have handled hundreds of DUI cases. They will analyze your case to determine the most effective strategy, asking questions such as:

Did they have a lawful basis for conducting field sobriety tests?
Did the police have a lawful basis for stopping your vehicle?
Are the results of those tests accurate?
Did they properly administer the field sobriety, breath or blood tests?
Did they violate your Miranda rights or other constitutional rights?